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Empress Tips produces unique, high quality press-on nails that are suited to every lady’s individual style. Our nails are catered to the nail art lover’s highest standards, providing top notch nail art at a fraction of the salon cost.

Empress Tips are easily customized by filing to your personal fit and style preference. Whether its a night out on the town or everyday wear, the application and removal process is quick and pain free. Most importantly, your natural nails will never be damaged by wearing Empress Tips.

We’re confident that you’ll absolutely fall in love with your Empress Tips and never want to go back to boring salon manicures. For that reason every set of Empress Tips are backed by our 30 day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. 

With that being said, here are some commonly asked questions about Empress Tips. If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

How To Apply Your Empress Tips

How To Remove Your Empress Tips

Q: How do I select the right nail size?

A: Your manicure kit comes with 24 nails and 12 sizes to help ensure the perfect fit for each fingernail. To make sure you picked the right Empress tip press them down all the way over your natural nail before you apply the glue. If the nail doesn't quite cover your nail bed, you can easily file down the sides or length to get the appropriate fit.

Q: How do I apply and remove my Empress Tips?

A: Video instructions for the application and removal process can be found here.

To Apply: 

Gently buff your natural nails, then clean your nails using nail polish remover. Apply a thin layer of glue to back of Empress Tip and natural Nail. Starting at cuticle press on firmly and hold for about ten seconds until dry. File Empress Tip to change shape or length of nail. Average application time is only 5 minutes.

Empress Tips are applied with costume HQ- free certified glue which bonds like an acrylic or gel manicure but without the damage on your natural nails.

No maintenance is needed in between wears. Empress Tips are the most convenient, money and time saving manicure option out there!  If one pops off you just reapply it within seconds without having to run back to the salon, pay more or wear an incomplete manicure.

To Remove:

To remove your Empress Tips soak nails into warm water for several minutes until soft. Gently lift sides of the Empress Tip to remove. Never force or pull nails off as this may damage your natural nails. Use included buffer to buff off excess glue if needed.

Please note that if you are applying your Empress Tips for the longest wear, do not attempt to remove them until at least 7 days have passed. The long wear glue application will bond strong and removal can be damaging to your natural nail prior to 7 days of wear.

Q: How long will my Empress Tips last?

A: You can wear your Empress Tips for as little as 1 day or up to 2 weeks straight! See below for best practices based on your desired wear time:

1-4 Day Wear:

Use a thin strip of glue from cuticle to tip and hold firmly for about 10 seconds.

5-10 Day Wear:

Use a dot of glue spread over your natural nail and hold firmly for about 10 seconds. Leave a small border around your nail creating space between your skin and the glue.

11-14 Day Wear:

Apply a thin layer of glue to back of Empress Tip and natural nail and hold firmly for about 10-20 seconds. Tip: Avoid washing your hands right after the application.

When it comes to the glue less is more even for the longest wear which helps prevent over-gluing. Glue can bond within seconds! Make sure to avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin and do not use on weak, irritated or infected nails. 

Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: We pride ourselves on our fast shipping times! All orders placed before 1pm EST ship same-day, and orders placed after that will ship next business day. The only exception to this is if your order includes one of our accent nail sets (Iridescent Ice, Tiffany Accents, Purple Crush Accents or Spellbound Accents). These sets are made to order, and will ship within 5 days of your order (though almost always sooner than that). 

Regarding shipping times, offer two options:

1. Standard Shipping (USPS First Class) - This option takes 3-5 business days. If you are on the East Coast, you're looking 3 days for this option, and everywhere else 4-5 days. 

2. USPS Priority Mail - This option takes 2-3 business days. On the shorter end for the East Coast, and 3 days everywhere else. 

Q: Do you Ship Internationally?

A: Yes we do! We ship worldwide through the USPS. For our friends in Canada, shipping is $9. Everywhere else outside the US is $10. While it's hard to give exact time frames for international shipping, we find that the vast majority of international orders arrive somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-10 business days. 


Q: Will my Empress Tips come off in water? What about my hot yoga class?

A: Empress Tips won’t come off with water alone, you would have to soak them in and physically lift off the sides. You can wash your hands as much as you want, go in the sauna or steam room with them as well as hot yoga, weight lifting or any other kind of physical activity. There are no limits to where and what you can do while wearing Empress Tips.

Q: Are Empress Tips comfortable to wear?

A: Empress Tips are super light, easy and comfortable to wear. Just like gel or acrylic manicures, they do take a little getting used to. That said, after a short while you won’t even feel like you are wearing press-ons.

The thickness of your Empress Tips match the thickness of your natural nail, therefore they almost feel like a stronger, more durable extension of your natural nail.

Q: Is Empress Tips a vegan brand?

A: 100% yes! We never have or will test our products on animals.

Q: I'm not sure press-on nails are for me. Do you offer returns or a guarantee?

A: We’re confident that you’ll absolutely fall in love with your Empress Tips and never want to go back to boring salon manicures. At the same time, we realize that press-on nails aren't for every one. For that reason every set of Empress Tips are backed by our 30 day, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. 

If you're still on the fence about Empress Tips, here's our recommendation:

Go ahead a purchase a set now and give them a try. If you like your Empress Tips, great! We exchanged a small amount of money for a large amount of value. Awesome!

If they're not for you, don’t even give us a reason why you want your money back.

Just ask for it – and it will be returned promptly and quietly to you. Plus, we can still be friends :)

By the way, you can reach us for support by emailing us at should you need any assistance at all with your purchase today.

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