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Purple Crush Accents


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We're so excited to announce our Purple Crush Accent set! We've upgraded our Purple Crush and added four (4) accent nails in two (2) sizes. The accent nails feature stunning aura pearls that compliment the iridescent effect of Purple Crush beautifully.  

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What Are Empress Tips?

Every set of Empress Tips press-on nails, including the Purple Crush set, can be filed to your desired fit and can easily be reapplied for multiple uses.

Your set includes 24 nails of 12 different sizes, ensuring that they will fit any size fingernail. The application process is easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

Once applied, you can file your Empress Tips to your desired fit within seconds for a natural looking, durable and non-damaging manicure. We use only the highest quality materials for an ultra smooth finish.

What's Inside Your Purple Crush Manicure Set:

  • 20 Press-on Nails in 12 Sizes
  • 4 Accent Nails Featuring Aura Pearls
  • Nail File
  • HQ- Free Certified Glue
  • Manicure Stick
  • Application Guide

Length: Medium
Shape: Round

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